Ability Fan Coil Units

If you have any Fan Coil Units that need to be selected please email sales@woodleighventilation.ie with your design conditions.


The EVO range consists of the core products within the Ability portfolio, offering quiet, highly efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Featuring EC motors, optimised coils and an array of filter options, the EVO range can be configured to suit residential, commercial and hotel applications. With a choice of unit depths ranging from 155 to 270mm for horizontal installations, (235mm for vertical wall mounting) and numerous width options, this range allows product selections to closely match design requirements, reducing the risk of oversizing.



The Matrix range is unique to Ability and simplifies onsite installation and setup, offering significant savings in both time and labour costs.

The patent-protected design builds on the success of the EVO range, introducing a number of innovative features which offer added value to your projects. Each fan can be set to deliver the designed air volume to a paired duct, removing the need for individual volume control dampers and when combined with ePiv valves, the water flow rates can also be preconfigured. By factory setting the design parameters, onsite setup becomes a simple check box process, dramatically reducing site commissioning.



Ability's award-winning Multiroom range takes fan coil intelligence to the next level by offering individual control of up to five separate spaces from a single fan coil unit.

Offering system designers great flexibility in initial concept and the ability to simply reconfigure spaces to match future requirements, the advantages of Multiroom are far more than just the upfront cost savings seen during installation. Originally conceived for residential applications, Multiroom fan coils can also be used in office spaces, enabling you to mount a single unit away from the rooms being served, alleviating complications for both designers and installers.


Please contact sales@woodleighventilation.ie for more information.

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