Air Purifier


REINTAIR Air Purifier

New REINTAIR air purifiers without installation, plug and play type. Just plugging it in turns any indoor space into a virus-free, healthy and comfortable environment.
REINTAIR, purifiers are equipped with absolute HEPA H14 filters, the only ones that are most effective in capturing particles as small as bacteria, pollen, animal hair, tobacco smoke, etc., and any suspended particles that produce allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. In addition, a G4 pre-filter (Iso coarse 65%) enlarges HEPA H14 absolute filters life.
So viruses like COVID-19 will not be a problem for your business premises, office, room, waiting room, etc.*
* NOTE:The REINTAIR purification system ensures the reduction of viral load by retaining viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19 coronaviruses) that pass through its high efficiency HEPA 14 filters. 100% air purification cannot be guaranteed in a specific space as it depends on different factors such as: architectural distribution of its location, external air currents, minimum operating time, improper use of the unit, obstruction of air inlets, maintenance level of the unit and the state of your filters, etc.
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